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"When white would embrace what is right..." is what was prayed for at the inauguration of our new president, Mr. Obamanation. Well, they're getting what they prayed for.
This white girl is embracing what is right.
Right wing, baby!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My brother brought this to my attention. I did spend about 15 minutes on the phone calling each of these people and telling them to vote no! If y'all have a chance before Friday-please do the same.

Call the following US congressman and tell them to vote "no" on the climate change bill that they are voting on tomorrow. Its up to 1200 pages and they are not done writing it and they vote on it tomorrow. It also will raise our energy bill by 1,600 dollars a year, bans domestic drilling, and estimated lose of jobs will be around 2 million.

Here are some names a numbers:
Al Green -TX

Gene Green

Rep Rodriguez

Rep. Reyes -D-TX

Rep. Lloyd Doggett -D-Austin

Chet Edwards

Norm Dicks - D- Washington
202-226-1176 say you live in mason County

Barney Frank - D- Mass. (evil man)

Niki Tsongas- D. Mass

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Woodlands Tea Party Info

North Houston Tea Party Patriots
Independence Day Celebrations
General Update
Next Open meetings, in preparation of our Independence Day Celebrations:
Our next Open meetings will be as follows:·
Thursday 6/17– 6:00pm –
Rob Fleming Park –
6500 Creekside Forest Drive –
The Woodlands (Klein on Google map)·
Mon 6/22 –Thu 6/25, Mon 6/29, Thu 6:30 pm
– new location TBA *****************************************************************************
Agenda (Rough Draft – (Subject to revision)
The Woodlands-North Houston
Independence Day Tea Party
We The People Salute Our Founding Principles
Thursday, July 2 5-9 pm
Lone Star Expo Center
9055 FM 1484, Conroe, TX 77303
Join us for one rock-solid evening of inspirational speakers voicing your tea party issues, powerful entertainment, a tribute to our nations’ enduring Founding Documents, and YOUR PROTEST SIGNS! ~ Special Prizes for Best Protest Signs!
~ Featuring ~
Jim McIngvale
Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher
Apostle Claver
Dr. Clare Gray and Dr. Donald May
Patriotic Entertainment by
American Idol Finalist Will Makar
Jennifer Grassman
Live Band “The Anointed”
Plus! The “Freedom Rider” Cowboys on Horseback
Plus More To be announced
Special Event! Pre-Tea Party Turn Up the Heat Fundraiser!
pre-registration via website or Facebook - $100 per person
3:45 pm Lone Star Expo Center - Horseshoe Club

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We do NOT need Socialized Medicine

Right in the middle of hearing a story about a 14 year old that told a tattoo parlour she was 18 to get three tattoos but fell asleep and woke up with 57-a commercial aired that really got on my nerves.

It was a commercial promoting Medicare, and they were saying how wonderful it was and how badly we need universal health care. They wanted us to call and tell them that we agree.

I called and told them we DIDN'T need it and I want y'all to do the same. So here is the number you need to call, tell the operator what state you live in and you would like to speak to your senator.


Monday, June 15, 2009

No, seriously, what have you done with the $$$

I'm sorry the embedding isn't working-but click on the link. You have to watch this short video. They someone have managed to lose a trillion dollars.

"Where is the money?"
"Um, well you see we don't actually have the ability to audit the banks so um you see ..."
"Who did the money go to?"
"We have a team looking into that."
"You are the one in charge of the money we gave you. Where did it go?"
"Um well the team is still looking into that, and we are actually not capable of auditing-wait, what was the question??"