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"When white would embrace what is right..." is what was prayed for at the inauguration of our new president, Mr. Obamanation. Well, they're getting what they prayed for.
This white girl is embracing what is right.
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Broken Mailbox Article

A nice warm blanket and a cold cup of bitterness

So the HOA said that I had to fix the mailbox or face more nasty letters and demeaning columns in the neighborhood newsletter. I grabbed an 80-pound bag of quick dry cement, flipped over - at least a little ways- the mailbox and dumped all the cement in the supporting column. Now it is an indestructible receptor of bills! Which will eventually go away as I fully expect to have to turn everything over to Feds in the near future.
Recently, I was thinking that no federal agents descended on my house to fix my broken mailbox. Then I was glad, because the repairs would have been a pink, fluffy mailbox with a rainbow column to represent all the diverse polar bears that have felt like outcast because evolution forced them to live in a frozen waste land rather than in our beautiful national parks like the smart grizzlies! And so in the quiet of the evening I turn on speeches by Patton and R. Regan to remember that once there were leaders that had common sense enough to hunt polar bears rather than be hunted.
So this lighted my mind to were we are today with leadership, and how we got there. After the greatest generation finished kicking the crap out of European socialist and commies they came home in 1945. Twenty years later their kids, forgetting what their fathers did for them, exercised their protected rights to protest against the power that secured those rights for them. And just to make it legitimate, they used vast quantities of drugs and read Marx, and got PhD's from ivy leagues in difficult subjects like how do you feel about being suppressed in the most open, and free society ever in the history of man?
Conclusion: "Ohhh man, it sucks, like...it bites...and and and ...fur sur, the man is keeping me down, like I want to work..." "Harvard calls this conclusion a miraculous piece of humanistic insight to the imperialistic behavior of American military might!"
Twenty years later, 1985, the great Regan is in power but what of the offspring of commie loving hippies? They morphed into newscasters and liberals, they never had the paternal love that human nature craves in its infancy, so now they think that everyone wants a security blanket; after all, it helped them cope with drugged out commie professor parents. So they began to paint a dramatic picture of the lone man sleeping under newspapers in a concrete jungle where a well-dressed family eats food stolen by a heartless system built up by cold men in board meetings. So they start to promote the softness of security blanket social change. Don't say used car, say pre-owned. Don't say that free market provides the best medical in the world, say 30 million are now uninsured, a heart beat away from financial ruin. Look at those greedy insurance companies enjoying dinner, look at that lone man with no security blanket. Like sheep, we follow, lead by emotional mobs of unloved adults. We signed away our mortgages in the name of bank bailouts, we sign away our health in the name of social justice, we sign away our memory of countless fallen heroes of long wars in the name of hope and change.
-Frank Lee Wright